LinkedIn Coaches Veteran Jobseekers


Bah Humbug

The Veterans Administration in Salem, Virginia recently banned all things Christmas earlier this month. So while our boys in uniform are recovering from the scars of battle, they better be doing so without any holiday cheer according to the hospital. Given the state of the VA in recent decades, you would think they would be a little more concerned with their current status instead of trampling on the festivities of the very people they are charged to care for have fought so hard to protect.

Getting the Help You Need

For veterans and civilians alike, suicide is never the answer. While there have been crisis hotlines out there, we now have places you can call for veterans who know exactly what you’ve been through.

If you are someone who needs this help, I beseech you to visit these websites below and get the help you need.


My Transition

I got my first job in the oil field based solely on the fact that I was a veteran. The man that hired me was a former marine and had served in Vietnam. I was fortunate, but not all veterans have the same opportunities open for them that I did. Now, I’ve chosen to focus on finishing my degree.

Employing Veterans

The armed forces are expecting to lose 250,000 veterans a year from active duty. Is there room in the current job market? In my experience, the military did not prepare me for the transition to civilian life. At the very least, I’m glad that I chose to contribute to the GI Bill but not everyone chooses that option.